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RE: WordPress for Beginners

Dear Future Blogger,

There’s a better solution though…

Kick start Your First WordPress Blog Now!

If you believe in investing in knowledge - specialized knowledge that is – then I have exactly what you’re looking for. For months, I sat down with my entire team to create more than 100 video tutorials that you can download right now. Everything was created with the absolute beginner in mind, so you’ll never feel like you’re listening to a rambling tech geek. Check out the sample video below to get an example of the quality. This is just one of over 100 videos you will have lifetime access to.

Internet Marketing Basics - Module 1

How to Register a Domain Name
This video shows you step-by-step how to search for domain names and register them using GoDaddy or NameCheap. You will also get some valuable tips on how to get the perfect domain name.
Getting Your Web Hosting from HostGator
Web hosting is the lifeblood of any WordPress blog. In this video you’ll discover the basics of web hosting and how to choose the correct web hosting plan among the hundreds of junk offers out there.
How to Change Your DNS in Godaddy
You cannot do anything with your domain name and web hosting if you don’t know how to change your DNS or Domain Name Server. This videos shows you how to do it in
How to Change Your DNS in NameCheap
You cannot do anything with your domain name and web hosting if you don’t know how to change your DNS or Domain Name Server. This videos shows you how to do it in
How to Install and Use FileZilla FTP Program
FileZilla is a free FTP software every blogger needs! This video shows you how to download, install and connect FileZilla to your web hosting account.
A Brief Introduction to Using cPanel
With cPanel you can manage your entire web hosting easily without relying on technical help. This video shows you how to create new email accounts, customize your cPanel layout and do other basic cPanel tasks.
Creating Subdomains and Add-on Domains in cPanel
With a cPanel account, you can easily create subdomains to divide your website into several independent parts, or add-on different domains to the same hosting account. In this video we reveal how it’s done.
Creating Redirects in cPanel
cPanel can be used o redirect broken links or even to mask and redirect affiliate links! In this video we show you how to use cPanel redirects effectively to save time and money.

Basic WordPress Tutorials - Module 2

Installing WordPress Automatically Using cPanel
The easiest way to install a WordPress blog! You’ll discover how you can get your new WordPress blog up and running in under 1 minute, with just a few mouse clicks…
Installing WordPress Manually Using FTP
Never try to install WordPress manually unless you’re 100% sure of what you’re doing! In this video, I clearly explain the 4 important steps in installing WordPress manually using MySQL and an FTP program…
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  • How To Clean Up A New WordPress Blog
    A brand new WordPress blog has a fair amount of “junk” in it, which includes fake posts, comments, and useless links. I’ll show you exactly what you need to clean up before you can start using your blog…
    How to Change Your Permalinks Structure for Better Search Engine Ranking
    By default, WordPress uses a permalinks structure that isn’t too SEO-friendly. In this video I reveal how to change your permalinks to a better format that is guaranteed to get you more free traffic from Google…
    How to Customize Your WordPress Dashboard
    Did you know you can move all WordPress components around and arrange them according to your preference? In this video I show you exactly how easy it is to customize your WordPress dashboard…
    How to Create New Posts in WordPress
    Discover how you can add new content to WordPress, how to use the built-in WYSIWYG editor to format your content, and how to publish your content. I also reveal how to automate your content using the “timestamp” feature – a great tip you can use!
    How to Create New Pages in WordPress
    Discover how you can create new pages in WordPress, which are separate from your regular blog content. I’ll show you how easy this is to do, and how to change the order of your pages as well…
    How to Use and Format Images in WordPress
    A picture speaks a thousands words indeed! In this extremely rare video, I reveal how to upload images to WordPress and access them using the built-in WYSIWYG editor. I also reveal how to format pictures, use captions, and much more…
    How To Install Plugins Automatically
    Plugins add important functionality to your WordPress blog. I show you how to use your dashboard to find the plugin you want and how to install it automatically without touching an FTP program…
    How to Upgrade & Delete Plugins Automatically
    Sick and tired of having to update your WordPress plugins? I’ll show you how to update them automatically in WordPress with just a few clicks of your mouse. Upgrading plugins has never been this fun!
    How to Upload and Install Plugins Manually
    The good old way of adding and activating plugins on your blog, and still important to master because not every WordPress plugin can be installed automatically. Avoid making silly mistakes with this clear, informational step-by-step video…
    How to Install WordPress Themes Automatically
    With WordPress version 2.8 and above, you can easily search for and install themes directly from the WordPress dashboard. This video reveals how to do it, set-by-step.
    How to Upload and Install Themes Manually
    Make your blog shine with WordPress themes! There are literally thousands of free themes you can download and use to spice up an otherwise dull-looking blog. I reveal exactly how to download themes, unpack them, upload and activate them easily…
    How to Use WordPress Widgets in The Sidebar
    WordPress widgets add even more cool features and functionality to your blog’s sidebar. In less than 4 minutes, I’ll reveal everything you’ve ever wanted to know about using widgets on your blog…
    Using The Akismet Spam Plugin / Controlling Spam
    Right from your very first blog post, you’ll get obnoxious spam that is not only annoying, but potentially embarrassing! I show you how to activate and use the Akismet plugin, as well as some simple tweaks you can make to automatically block 99% of SPAM…
    Getting and Using Gravatars for Your Blog
    Put a face on your blog comments, and start developing a long-term relationship with your readers. I reveal how to do this automatically using Gravatars, and how you can get your own Gravatar…
    How to Create A Contact Form in WordPress
    One of the most important things you want to take care right away is giving your readers a way to contact you. The good news is that there are tons of useful free plugins that help you to create an awesome contact form. We’ll guide you step-by-step in creating your first “Contact Us” web form.
    How to Create a Testimonials Page in WordPress
    Using a special plugin, we’ll reveal how to display randomly rotating testimonials on your WordPress sidebar. The sidebar itself will link to a full testimonials page. Start collecting testimonials on your blog right now, and boost your online sales.
    Adding and Managing Users in WordPress
    Why create all the content yourself when you can let others write interesting new posts for you? In this video we reveal how to add new users to any WordPress blog, and how to control exactly what each user can see, access and control.
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    Advanced WordPress Tutorials - Module 3

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  • How to Upgrade WordPress Using cPanel
    cPanel is one of the easiest ways of all time to install and upgrade open source software. In this video I show you how to upgrade your existing WordPress blogs in cPanel easily, and error-free…
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  • How To Upgrade WordPress Automatically Using The Dashboard
    Every a new version of WordPress is released, you need to go through all the hassle of updating all your blogs. In this video I reveal how you can update your WP blogs automatically using the dashboard itself…
    How to Install and Set-Up Windows Live Writer
    The Windows™ Live Writer blog editor is a god-send! This versatile tool lets you write new content, save drafts, and publish content to your WordPress blog even if you’re offline! In this video I reveal how to download and configure WLW…
    How to Use Windows Live Writer to Write Content
    In this 8-minute compact video I reveal how to write new posts and pages, how to insert and edit images, and how to publish content to your WP blog using Windows Live Writer. One of the most popular videos of all-time!
    Installing New Plugins in Windows Live Writer
    WLW is great out of the box, but why stop there when you can add all sorts of cool plugins to it. Imagine searching for YouTube videos and embedding them directly into blog posts within WLW itself, and you get the idea of how powerful these little plugins can be.
    How to Create Backups for Your WordPress Blog
    Mistakes are made all the time and some of these mistakes can be costly if you don’t regularly backup your WordPress blog data. This video reveals how to easily backup your entire blog database to your PC or email address, as well as how to schedule automatic backups.
    How to Edit WordPress Theme CSS Styles
    This video reveals how to make minor changes to your theme’s appearance by editing the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) file. It’s a very simple process that can be done directly from your WordPress dashboard. I will give you a few vital tips to get started with CSS editing.
    How to Create a Static Front Page in WordPress
    Want to make WordPress look more like a static page or a sophisticated e-commerce website? This video reveals how to use the built-in static front page options to capitalize on the awesome Content Management System or CMS features in WordPress…
    Introduction to Getting a FeedBurner Account
    This video guides you step-by-step to setting up your FeedBurner account and creating your first feed. You’ll also discover the most important optimization steps and how to create “Feed Flares” easily.
    Redirecting Your Default RSS Feed to Feedburner
    It’s no point getting a FeedBurner feed if your default WordPress RSS feed is still active. This video shows you how to automatically redirect your default RSS to FeedBurner using a WordPress plugin, and avoid losing valuable subscribers.
    Creating Static Pages with WP Super Cache
    If your blog get thousands of visitors a day, you could end up frying your web servers and leave your visitors with nothing but a “404 error” page. In this video we show you how to turn dynamic content in WordPress to “static” pages using a popular plugin called WP Super Cache.
    Importing Content from BlogSpot to WordPress
    Got an existing Blogger (BlogSpot) blog with load of content? In this video we reveal how easy it is to automatically import all your existing content into your new WordPress blog. Say goodbye to Blogger, and hello to WordPress!
    Importing Content from WordPress to WordPress
    Tired or updating an existing blog but don’t want to lose out on years of content and good search engine rankings? In this video we reveal how to transfer content, images, tags and even users from one WordPress blog to another. You can use this technique to merge two or more blogs, to create some kind of “super blog” – or to recreate any existing blog from scratch.
    Introduction to Using Google Analytics
    If you’re not already using Google Analytics, then shame on you! Google Analytics is by far the best way to track, analyze and understand you site’s visitors. In this video we reveal how to set-up your Google Analytics account, and how to add in your first website URL.
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  • Using Google Analytics with WordPress
    In this video we reveal how to set-up your Google Analytics account to work seamlessly with your WordPress blog. Start tracking your blog visitors now, and get amazing insights to your niche market.
    Setting up The Thesis Theme for WordPress
    Thesis is a very popular WordPress theme, used by hundreds of bloggers for it’s supposedly great SEO benefits. In this video we reveal how to install a Thesis theme (not quite your regular WordPress theme) and how to edit basic access permissions.
    Customizing The Layout of Your Thesis Theme
    Thesis comes with built-in design options that anyone can use, even if they are not familiar with CSS and PHP. In this video we reveal how to make your Thesis theme look better with just a few simple tweaks.
    Modifying The Thesis Theme’s Navigation Bar
    One of the most popular questions by Thesis users is “How do I modify the navigation bar in Thesis?”. In this video we reveal some practical shortcuts to getting the perfect navigation bar – using Thesis hooks and the built-in design options.
    Search Engine Optimization for Thesis
    Thesis comes pre-installed with great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features. The key is knowing exactly what to tweak, and what to leave untouched. In this video we give you simple but practical tips to squeezing more “SEO juice” out of any Thesis theme.
    Thesis Theme – Using Thesis Hooks
    Thesis can easily be modified using “hooks”. Generally speaking the process is pretty intimidating for non-technical users (like the most of us). Fortunately, in this video I show you how to copy-and-paste popular hooks from the Thesis hook library to your own Thesis theme.

    Making Money from Blogs - Module 4

    Quick Start Guide to Google AdSense
    Google AdSense is one of the most popular ways to make money online from blogs – especially using WordPress blogs!
    In this video we reveal the most important things a beginner needs to know about Google AdSense, as well as how to create a new account.
    Setting Up and Using New Adsense Ads
    This video reveals how to create your first AdSense ad, including how to create channels, customize ad appearance, and save ads to your account.
    Finally it shows how to copy and paste the codes into a WordPress blog using “posts”, “pages” and also in the sidebar.
    Publishing Free Articles on Your Blog
    Need some free content for your blog or website?
    In this video you’ll discover how to legally use free “reprint” articles from popular article directories, and how to format them in your WordPress blog.
    Quick Start Guide to ClickBank
    ClickBank is the world’s largest digital products marketplace, where you can buy and promote anything from e-books to memberships and even website templates.
    In this video we explain everything a beginner needs to understand about how ClickBank works.
    How to Create and Use a ClickBank Hoplink
    Want to promote ClickBank products and make up to 75% in commissions?
    We reveal how easy it is to find profitable products to promote, then how to create your own unique “HopLink” and finally how to insert it into the content of your WordPress blog.
    How to Use The ClickBank HopAd Builder
    Did you know you can create automatically-updating ClickBank ads – known as “HopAds” – and put them on your website?
    In this video we reveal the two different types of HopAds and how to set-up each. We also reveal how to put those ads into your WordPress blog.
    Automatically Convert Keywords to Affiliate Links
    Did you know that you can automatically convert keyword on your WordPress blog into affiliate links? In this video we review the Ninja Affiliate plugin for WordPress, and show you exactly how it’s done. You’ll also discover how to cloak and track all your affiliate links in one place.
    How to Manage Banner Ads Using WordPress
    If you’re blogging for money, then you’ll need to put banners on many different parts of your blog. Whether its affiliate banners or paid banners, we reveal how to manage and track them using an awesome plugin for WordPress.
    Adding YouTube Videos to WordPress Automatically
    With a special WordPress plugin, you can automatically syndicate YouTube videos to your blog as brand new blog posts, complete with comments! In this video we reveal how to create a “video blog” that updates itself using content from
    Introduction Using to Text Link Ads
    TextLinkAds is a great way to monetize your blog. By creating an account, you can see text links and boost your blogging income. You can also list your blog in the TextLinkAds marketplace and let potential advertisers find you easily.
    Adding Text Link Ads to WordPress
    In this video, we reveal how to use the TextLinkAds widget on your WordPress blog, to start selling text links.
    WP Wishlist Member – Membership Plugin Set-up
    Wishlist Member is a membership site plugin for WordPress, allowing you to create multiple levels of membership, with multiple access rules and payment options. A great plugin to use if you want to charge a monthly subscription for access to your blog’s content.
    WP Wishlist Member – Configuring Your Settings
    In this video, we reveal how to configure your WL Member plugin. Our step-by-step guide will get you started in the shortest time possible, and is perhaps the best video you can find anywhere on the subject.
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  • WP Wishlist Member – Multiple Membership Levels
    In this video, we show you how to set-up multiple levels of membership (for example Silver, Gold and Platinum) using the WishList Member plugin for WordPress.
    WP Wishlist Member – Sequential Upgrades
    In this video, we reveal how to create “sequential upgrades” for your members. Sequential upgrades allow you to allow access to monthly content based on signup dates, and also to implement “loyalty programs” for existing members.
    SimplyPLR: Introduction to Using PLR Articles
    SimplyPLR is a great source of fresh, well-written PLR or Private Label Right articles. In this video we explain what SimplyPLR is all about, and the benefits you receive each month as a member.
    SimplyPLR: Automatic Article Posting to Blogs
    In this video, we reveal how to automatically post new content from the SImplyPLR website to your WordPress blogs. You can even set the articles to be published at a future date!
    Adding Blogs to Article Marketing Automation
    “Article Marketing Automation” is a great piece of software for anyone into building niche websites or blogs. You can submit articles to get free backlinks, and you can also accept articles submitted by other users as free content. In this video we show you how to sign-up for AMA and how to add your blogs into their database.
    Submitting Articles in Article Marketing Automation
    In this video, we reveal how to submit new articles in Article Marketing Automation. We share some little-known secrets to getting maximum result with minimum effort, and how to make sure your articles are accepted by as many blog owners as possible.

    SEO and Link Building - Module 5

    Introduction to Link Building Methods
    Links are the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. The more links you have, the better off you are in terms of search engine rankings.
    But what types of links can you build, and how do they work? Watch this Link Building 101 video to find out.
    Introduction to Using by Jonathan Leger is one of the most important tools you can use to build a great amount of high-quality links virtually on auto-pilot.
    This video gives you a powerful introduction and reveals the secrets of using 3WayLinks.
    Submitting Your Blog to 3WayLinks
    Submitting your sites to 3WayLinks can be extremely frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, you can watch this step-by-step tutorial and have your sites listed in 3WayLinks with zero hassle.
    Creating a 3WayLinks Page with WordPress
    The most important step in using 3WayLinks is to create and verify your links page. It’s especially tricky if you’re using WordPress.
    Don;t drive yourself nuts trying to do it yourself – let us guide you and watch over your shoulder as your get your links pages up in the shortest possible time.
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    Using WordTracker for Keyword Research
    WordTracker is paid keyword tool, but they have a public free version that is “good enough” when you’re just starting out. In this video we reveal how to find profitable niches using WordTracker.
    Using Google Keyword Tool for Keyword Research
    Even if you’re not an AdWords user, the Google Keyword Tool is extremely useful for finding profitable niche keywords. Plus, it’s absolutely free. In this video we show you a few ways to use the Google Keyword Tool to generate more keywords for your AdSense sites, affiliate marketing, and even for buying ads on Google AdWords.
    Managing Your Keywords With a Spreadsheet
    The more keywords you research, the harder it’s going to get to make sense of things and see the “big picture”. In this video we show you how to use a basic spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel) to filter, clean up, and manage hundred of keywords easily.
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    Using The All-In-One SEO Pack for WordPress
    Search engine optimization is not rocket science, but it’s not easy either. In our SEO video we show you how to boost your search engine rankings using free SEO plugins for WordPress, and also SEO “best practices” as approved by experts in the field.
    Using The Google XML Sitemap Generator
    A sitemap is pretty important if you want to get higher ranking on Google. Basically a “sitemap” tells Google which pages on your blog it should index, and how often it should return to re-index. In this video we guide you step-by-step to setting up a Google XML sitemap using free WordPress plugins.

    RSS to Email Marketing - Module 6

    Introduction to Using Aweber for Blogging
    This video reveals everything you need to know about using Aweber for the first time. In this simple “walk through” you’ll discover all the key components of Aweber in the shortest time possible.
    How to Get An Aweber Account for $1
    Although you can sign-up for the regular Aweber package, I’ll reveal how you can get started by paying just $1.00 for your first month. Why pay more when you can easily use Aweber’s $1 coupon?
    How to Set-Up Your First Aweber List
    In this video I take you by the hands and show you how to set-up your first Aweber list – from naming your list right up to creating a web form to capture names and email addresses.
    How to Set-up A “Blog Broadcast” in Aweber

    Before you can use “RSS to Email”, you’ll need to set-up a “Blog Broadcast” in your Aweber account and link it to your blog’s RSS feed. I reveal exactly how to do this and the most important things to avoid.
    How to Put Aweber Forms on Your WordPress Blog

    In this video you’ll discover how to get your Aweber optin form codes, and put them in your WordPress blog’s sidebar as well as in individual posts and pages.
    Case Study of Aweber RSS to Email Campaigns
    In this video, you’ll get to see real-life examples of bloggers who have successfully used RSS-to-Email techniques to build a subscriber list of thousands. See how they do it, and steal their strategies for your own campaigns.
    How to Create a FREE GetResponse Account
    A great alternative to using Aweber, GetResponse also allows you to use RSS to Email strategies. I’ll reveal how it works as well as how to sign-up for a FREE GetResponse account. Get started in under 5 minutes.
    Using GetResponse’s “Blog Announce” Feature

    I’ll take you step-by-step to create your first GetResponse list, syndicate your latest blog posts using the “Blog Announce” feature, and put the optin codes on your WordPress blog.
    Creating HTML Ezines with GetResponse
    Using GetResponse, you can easily send out eye-catching HTML ezines. Just use their intuitive HTML designer (complete with HTML templates), and in just a few minutes you too can be sending out professional HTML broadcasts to your list.

    Social Media Marketing - Module 7

    Twitter: Introduction to Using Twitter
    Twitter is one the most popular websites on the Internet, with traffic rivaling that of FaceBook and Google. In this video we explain exactly how Twitter works, and how to start using it.
    Twitter: Inserting Short Links Into Posts
    In this video we reveal how to convert long website URL’s into short ones, and how to post them to your Twitter account.
    Twitter: Creating Lists and Organizing Followers
    After just a few weeks of using Twitter, you’ll have more updates and messages on your main page than you can handle. In this video we reveal a smart way to manage information in your Twitter account, by creating lists and organizing your followers.
    Twitter: Using The “Retweet” Feature
    This video reveals how to get more mileage and exposure from your Twitter account using the “retweet” feature.
    Introduction to Using Tweet Deck
    TweetDeck is a cool and useful desktop application that help you manage (and make sense of) your Twitter account. In this video I reveal exactly how TweetDeck works and how to install it.
    Customizing Your Tweet Deck Application
    In this video I reveal how to customize your TweetDeck application, and how to add Twitter and FaceBook accounts. Manage your social media activities easily, with just a few clicks!
    Introduction to TweetMemeWant more traffic to your sites? Then you need TweetMeme!
    This video reveals how TweetMeme works, and how to utilize it to drive extreme traffic to your blog or website.
    Integrating TweetMeme with WordPress
    In this video, we reveal how to integrate WordPress with TweetMeme, and make your blog posts go viral!
    In a few simple steps, you can have a cool TweetMeme button ready to get your traffic directly from Twitter, and grow your Twitter followers.
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  • Integrating the WordBook Plugin for WordPress
    Post your latest blog entries directly to your FaceBook profile, and steal some of FaceBook’s huge traffic!
    Double your blog’s subscriber list by integrating FaceBook into your WordPress blog, using a special plugin called WordBook.
    Introduction to FaceBook for Blogs
    Discover how the best blogs in the world are using FaceBook’s developer API to communicate with readers and get even more traffic.
    This video gives you a brief but important overview on FaceBook Applications, and reveals why you need to get your own “app” set-up right away!
    Creating Your Own FaceBook App for WordPress
    Creating your own FaceBook app is easier that you thought – no programming skills or geek know-how required!
    In this step-by-step video tutorial, we reveal exactly how to create your first FaceBook app and integrate it to your WordPress blog.
    Customizing Your FaceBook Application
    After you’ve created your own FaceBook app, you can customize it to make it more attractive to potential subscribers. In this video we reveal some simple tweaks that you can do to take your application to the next level.
    Adding a “Like” Button on Your Blog
    You’ve seen it everywhere – the FaceBook “Like” button is in almost every website and blog out there. Have you started using it yet?
    In this video, we reveal how easy it is to put a “Like” button on each blog post and encourage users to recommend your content to their FaceBook friends.
    Adding a “Fan Box” FaceBook Widget on Your Blog
    Social proof is important if you want to gain credibility and be recognized as an expert in your niche market.
    In this video, we reveal how to put a FaceBook “Fan Box” on your blog, and start showing off your blog’s followers.
    Promoting Your FaceBook Application
    Your FaceBook application isn’t going to get new users all by itself! You’ll need to promote your application to maximize it’s reach and effectiveness…
    Thankfully, in this video we reveal three easy and fast methods to adding new users to your FaceBook app.
    Getting Social Traffic with Meebo
    Meebo is a great way to centralize your social networking activities – integrate FaceBook, Yahoo, Google Chat and more!
    In this video we reveal how Meebo really works, and how you can increase traffic to your blog or website using this free tool.
    Integrating Meebo with WordPress
    In this video, we reveal how to integrate the Meebo Bar into your WordPress blog, and make your content instantly “shareable”.
    Don’t underestimate the awesome power of this simple bar – most users report a significant increase in social media activity after using it.
    Adding Buttons to Your Meebo Bar
    In this video, we reveal how to customize your Meebo bar by adding more features and buttons to it. Watch as I reveal the easy way to do this, even if you have no technical skill whatsoever.
    Introduction to Using FriendFeed
    FriendFeed is another great social media service that is quickly gaining popularity. It works well with other social media services too, so it’s important to factor in the role of FriendFeed in your marketing efforts.
    Overview of FriendFeed Functions
    In this video, we reveal how to use FriendFeed, including how to make it work with your existing Twitter account.

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